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climate change (KLY-mut CHAYNJ) Climate change is the change in an area's normal climate conditions (such as rain and temperature) over a long period of time.
compromise (KOM-pruh-mize) A compromise is when you agree to something that is not exactly what you wanted, but meets some of the wants of others, too. Sarah found a compromise with her sister.
conflict (KON-flikt) A conflict is a serious disagreement between people. Molly and Sasha resolved a conflict.
confused (kuhn-FYOOZD) If people are unsure of something, they are confused. Kevin looked confused.
contagious (kun-TAY-juss) When something is contagious, it spreads easily from person to person.
contentment (kuhn-TENT-muhnt) Contentment is feeling free from worry. Feelings of contentment are peaceful and happy.
coping skills (KOH-ping SKILS) Coping skills are ways of being or doing something that help manage a problem. Coping skills can help you manage anger and sadness.
coronaviruses (kah-ROHN-uh-VY-ruh-sez) A coronavirus can infect animals and humans. COVID-19 is caused by a coronavirus.
coughs (KOFFS) Someone coughs when he or she makes a loud noise from their throat, usually while sick. Ken’s mom coughs and sneezes.
curious (KYUR-ee-uhs) Someone who is curious is interested in learning about something. Benjamin was curious about his friend Amara’s hijab.
diaphragm (DYE-uh-fram) The diaphragm is the wall of muscle below the chest. The diaphragm helps pull air into your lungs and push it back out.
difficult (DIH-fih-kult) Something difficult is hard. Andy had a difficult time finding information on the computer.
disappointed (dis-uh-POYNT-ed) To be disappointed is to feel let down. Harper’s parents were disappointed with how she behaved.
disease (dih-ZEEZ) A condition that causes harm to the health of a person, animal, or plant.
distracting (di-STRAKT-ing) Something is distracting when it makes people pay attention to that thing, instead of what they should be paying attention to. Dean’s behavior during class was distracting.
divorce (dih-VORSS) A divorce is when two married people decide not to be married anymore. Nikki felt stressed because of her parent’s divorce.
dribbles (DRIHB-els) Someone dribbles something when he or she bounces it up and down on the floor. The player dribbles the basketball down the court.
economy (ih-KON-uh-mee) A country's economy is the way it runs its businesses, trade, and finances.
emotion (ee-MOH-shuhn) An emotion is the way that you are feeling. It is important to understand each emotion that you may have.
emotions (i-MOH-shuns) Emotions are feelings. Anger and sadness can be strong emotions.