Tidbit #1

Use disinfectant to clean tabletops and other surfaces.

Tidbit #2

Doctors test blood to determine if a person has been previously been infected.

Tidbit #3

Doctors recommend not interacting with other people for 14 days if you suspect that you're infected with COVID-19.

Tidbit #4

Remember to wash your hands after touching money.

Tidbit #5

Frequent cleaning your house helps reduce germs.

Tidbit #6

Cough into your sleeve, not your hands.

Tidbit #7

Cough into your sleeve, not your hands.

Tidbit #8

Doorknobs in public buildings can carry many germs. They should be cleaned often.

Tidbit #9

Before you go somewhere, try to think about how risky that environment might be for germs.

Tidbit #10

Package deliveries are sometimes left on doorsteps to avoid unnecessary human contact.

Tidbit #11

Be careful when touching doorknobs. They can carry germs from previous use.

Tidbit #12

A mask limits the spread of germs that escape from your mouth and nose.

Tidbit #13

Masks are not necessary when you interact with people or others who live with you in your home.

Tidbit #14

Do your parents have a first aid kit in your home?

Tidbit #15

Germs spread less in areas where there is lots of fresh air, especially outdoors.

Tidbit #16

Glasses can reduce the chances of getting infected with COVID-19.

Tidbit #17

Gloves limit the spread of germs.

Tidbit #18

Cough into a handkerchief, not into your hands.

Tidbit #19

What kind of gear do you own that can help you limit transmission of germs?

Tidbit #20

Many malls have closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.