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quarantine (KWOR-un-teen) To be in quarantine is to stay away from others to avoid spreading illness.
rage (RAYJ) Rage is very strong, uncontrolled anger. It is difficult to calm down someone in a rage.
reacting (ree-AKT-ing) Reacting is acting or behaving in response to something. Anger can be caused by reacting to something that upset you.
recipe (REH-sih-pee) A recipe is a list of materials and instructions to make food. The brothers looked at a recipe to make the birthday cake.
regrets (ree-GRETZ) If someone regrets something, that means he or she feels sad about it. Harper regrets screaming in the store.
religion (ri-LIJ-uhn) Religion is a certain system of belief and worship. Some people wear hijabs because of their religion.
resolution (rez-uh-LOO-shuhn) A resolution is something that is solved or a conflict that is worked out. Talking through something calmly can help you find a resolution.
respiratory system (RES-pur-uhtor- ee sis-tuhm) The respiratory system is the body system that supplies oxygen to the body and removes carbon dioxide. The nose, lungs, diaphragm, trachea, and right and left bronchus are all parts of the respiratory system.
role models (ROHL MAH-duhls) Role models are people whose good behavior should be imitated. It can help to watch how role models handle their feelings.
rush (RUSH) To rush is to move quickly. Jane and her mom rush to help Paula.
sacs (SAKS) Sacs are parts inside the body that are shaped like bags and usually contain liquid or air. Alveoli are tiny air sacs.
select agents (si-LEKT AYjuhnts) Select agents are organisms that can cause a disease. The CDC works with select agents in its laboratories.
social distancing (SOH-shull DIH-stan-sing) Social distancing is a way to stop the spread of a disease. It involves keeping at least six feet (2 m) away from other people, or staying at home.
sources (SOR-sez) Sources are places where you can find information. Andy and Steven looked for new sources.
stethoscope (STETH-uh-skope) An instrument used to listen to sounds in a patient’s heart, lungs, stomach, and other areas.
stress (STRES) Stress is the state of being tense or uptight caused from being upset. Feeling too much stress might make you unhappy.
stressed (STRESD) If someone feels a lot of emotional or mental pressure, he or she is stressed. Emily is stressed because her grandpa is sick.
surprised (sur-PRIZD) To be surprised is to not expect something is going to happen. Ally was surprised that she hurt her brother’s feelings.
tantrums (TAN-truhms) Tantrums are fits of bad temper. Toddlers throw temper tantrums.
teamwork (TEEM-wurk) Teamwork is when a group of people work together to meet a goal. The friends showed teamwork when doing the project.