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worried (WUR-eed) If someone is concerned about something, that person is worried. Allie was worried about her first day at school.
apologize (uh-PAWL-oh-jize) To apologize is to say you are sorry for hurting someone. Drew wanted to apologize to Micah for stealing the soccer ball.
disappointed (dis-uh-POYNT-ed) To be disappointed is to feel let down. Harper’s parents were disappointed with how she behaved.
forgives (fur-GIVZ) If someone forgives you, that means he or she has stopped being mad at you for a mistake. Drew’s friend forgives him.
regrets (ree-GRETZ) If someone regrets something, that means he or she feels sad about it. Harper regrets screaming in the store.
argue (AHR-gyoo) To argue means to disagree with someone about something. The students argue with each other over what book to read.
invite (in-VITE) To invite someone is to ask him or her to do something or go somewhere with you. Brandon would want someone to invite him to play.
behavior (bee-HAYV-yur) A behavior is something that you do. Kevin’s sighs were a behavior.
confused (kuhn-FYOOZD) If people are unsure of something, they are confused. Kevin looked confused.
emotion (ee-MOH-shuhn) An emotion is the way that you are feeling. It is important to understand each emotion that you may have.
jealous (JEL-uhs) Someone can feel jealous when someone else gets more attention than he or she does. The baby made Maria feel jealous.
nervous (NUR-vuhs) Someone who is nervous is worried. Laura was nervous about her first day of school.
difficult (DIH-fih-kult) Something difficult is hard. Andy had a difficult time finding information on the computer.
divorce (dih-VORSS) A divorce is when two married people decide not to be married anymore. Nikki felt stressed because of her parent’s divorce.
sources (SOR-sez) Sources are places where you can find information. Andy and Steven looked for new sources.
stressed (STRESD) If someone feels a lot of emotional or mental pressure, he or she is stressed. Emily is stressed because her grandpa is sick.
brag (BRAG) To brag means to talk about something in a boastful way. James’s friends said they would not brag.
brainstorm (BRAYN-storm) To brainstorm means to come together and think of ideas to solve a problem. The family decided to brainstorm ways to save money.
expensive (ik-SPEN-siv) If something costs a lot of money, it is expensive. Going on a family trip can be expensive.
frustrated (FRUHS-tray-ted) To be frustrated means to be upset about not being able to solve something. Madeline was frustrated in class.